2011 m. spalio 25 d., antradienis

Serious ponderings about freakin' craziest summer in my life [part 1]

When I got my ticket to US in mid June I didn't know how far this whole book in one paper sheet will take me. My life was calm like an ocean before the storm, there sure was a volcano spark roasting the fruit of adventure in the deepest corner of my windy brain. The imagination never sleeps so I flew away to Herrang with a backpack. Taking it easy in Sweden I was getting ready for the craziest and most adventurous summer I ever had in my life which in all means extended into late autumn and doesn't seem to end even now when I write on October 20 th, 2011.

To those who know Herrang Dance Camp I will tell that there where ups and downs as it could be when you stay in an adult playground for 7 weeks plus. There were best dances and best talks, best new experiences and rediscovered joy of being absolutely independent on any circumstances or people. There was a lot of sincere emotions, love and laughter. There were friendships, commitments, confessions, "once in a lifetime" moments, tears... In the beginning there was plenty of my favorite volunteer work, the nights were short, the days were hot. All girl Honolulu dance performance led by Jo on the week two Friday party is my favorite memory of the week.

In the middle of the camp there was a mind blowing, body releasing African dance experience topped with a crazy late night early morning drum jam. It was wild. That night was one of the first times I was ever surprised what my body can do. That night opened a whole new world of my own body movement which I was embarrassed and happy about at the same time. Live drums where beating the hell out of me and other crazy dancers in the bar downstairs. The crowd was steaming, the dawn was dawning and the spirit was high as can be. Then the jam circle spread out after a half hour intense craziness, I swayed out to catch a breath of fresh air and I couldn't walk, but when I walked, I left steaming marks of my bare feet on the concrete in front of folkets hus. I was depleted and it was time to pass out. It was six or seven in the morning when I crawled into my bunk bed and I erased myself from this life for many hours.

Another ultimate Swedish experience was a performance with The Carling Family band. They are the greatest musicians and the warmest family I know. Dancing at their festival was great pleasure and big achievement to my dear troupe friends (or my other family, after a number of years together) and me. We crossed the country and couldn't believe our eyes when we saw a huge white red and blue circus tent in the middle of a field spread with hay. We had a nice lunch in a kitchen with the whole family swingin' around and went upstairs to get ready for our ultimate experience. This was a complete improv and I loved it. The band was playing the song I never heard before but I bravely went on stage when asked and did my best to shake that thing. And then we did Big Apple in the mud, stomping as if we were black bottoming. And more! Great fun! We want more!

It's 11:20 am in Riga Airport right now but it seems that the day will not dawn today and I miss Santa Monica sun.

[to be continued]

2011 m. spalio 7 d., penktadienis

Viper Mad raudona suknelė ir Holivudo kalvos su krapais

Kartais gali pasirodyti, kad LA man yra ne apie šokius, bet vis gi:

ir dar vėliau naktį:

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2011 m. spalio 5 d., trečiadienis

Tikras gyvenimas (real life)

Tai, kad nerašau jau ilgiau negu metus matyt reiškia, kad 1) gyvenu labai tikrą gyvenimą. 2) greit ką nors parašysiu.
Tuo tarpu, keletas video įrašų: