2012 m. balandžio 17 d., antradienis

Killing an Impressionist in me

I have a non-secret obsession - I like to paint on furniture. But mostly without sketches and I don't usually pick the color - the color picks me. Like it happened today. On the last day of moving into the new apartment we found a dresser on the side of the street and since we were looking for one, we picked it up. But the piece was shabby and boring, so I repainted it with the leftover paint. So this surreal heavenly blue picked me, cause this was the only color besides white. I got sea sponges to make this piece look not so plane, but the sponges happened to make an impressionist sky look. WTF? So I covered half of the top with solid blue. Stay tuned if you wanna see what will it become..

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