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News from a Mad Hatter

I always loved hats. My grandpa was an old-fashioned gentleman and always had a hat on. I have written about his sense of style in one of my early blog entries. My dad is not a fashion icon by far, but I associate his face with any sort of hat all the time! My dance partner Mindaugas is also wearing hats and whenever we travel he looks like a rock star and this makes life so much more interesting :D I love wearing hats too. But I like making and collecting them more than wearing them everyday. Finally I put myself together and tried to make one of these hats that I like. Here is my attempt of a classic 8 panel News Boy Hat:

Well... it was an interesting process but it's way more complicated than I looks before you start. It turned out well, but A LITTLE over-sized........ my art will go to Herrangs Prop Shop :D

After I learned how to do that, I went to the lady who makes hats and ordered some that look WAYYYY better - check Mindaugas in the video:

So now the story behind these hats is this: I sat down with my costume-designer-mom and made a pattern that I took to the professional lady that does the hats forever. And here is the result that you can have and enjoy. With love from Lithuania. Each hat will be a little different but all of them will have Paplaitis touch :D I hope to bring some to Herrang and now I travel with some, so let me know if you want one of these:

Peace and love,

P.S. They might look good on your girlfriend too...

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