2010 m. balandžio 6 d., antradienis

Mind-blowing experiences on the road to LSSF (part I)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 1:30pm

We supposed to leave Vilnius early Tuesday morning, but some wise men said we must go Monday night. Some of us didn't even have time to hang their underpants on the string, while others were still teaching the class. The team of seven united their powers and the time was set. After kissing goodbye some loving friends and giving cozy hugs we directed our zest color French engine down south.

Through wintry fog Šlimas and Dangis tandem herd the vehicle all night long. All day we pushed through traffic jams and ran across pale fields until the car accidentally stopped. And then a long story of misunderstandings has begun. All in all were embattled by Bruce Willis kind of looking men and brought to the gipsy style motel. After putting all our efforts to understand their Czech language we were left with a bill bigger than everything we all together had. Then we sung a Lithuanian drinking song in front of that freaking autoservis and went back on road.

With a 98,7% enthusiasm we passed Wien at night pouring 20 liters in every petrol station, for saving purposes I assume. Zest Citroen flew like magic carpet carrying us to the Green Rabbit's hole. In the moment we were making up acclamation words the magic zest stopped and refused to go six more kilometers to Ljubljana. The panic of being late for the meeting was diminished then Šlimas got back with the lively liquid.

After dropping our multiple suitcases at Matthea, our kindest hostess, we whizzed to Green Rabbit's into the arms of long time no seen buddies and that's where the Sweet Swing started. Some showed us little balboa room with hundreds of books, some introduced us with the taste of absinthe or told stories.

The other day in Ljubljana we went busking in the center square and people stopped to listen and watch. After pealing of our big furry winter coats we were soaking rays of spring sun and admiring easy old town atmosphere. We sunk our blasting emotions with good coffee and Laško under the waning moon ladja and then went dancing...

[to be continued]

Photos: Luka Dolenc

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