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Mind-blowing experiences on the road to LSSF (part III)

After bundling up our stuff and being kindly kicked out by the Festivalna Dvorana guard we settled down on the stairs to put up a little jam session. It reminded me of sitting on the stairs of the United States Post Office in New York City last year.

The night was warm and so we grabbed bureks at the kiosk near our home and headed to the Park (Hotel). We became the experts of Bureks. In general that is a piece of macaroni batter filled with pizza kind of stuff that all together tastes like a glass of oil but works so well that we ate this thing the whole weekend.

So there, at the Park, Nina, Todd and Christoffer were already waiting for us. We landed on and around one of the green benches under the overwhelming nightingale chorus. These birds sounded as crazy and their voices were sending shivers down the spine. I just floated in memories for some time enjoying the mellow tones of music. It was a perfect mixture for cosmic excitement. I’m sure even people peacefully sleeping at their homes felt that way.

Dangis was playing washboard barehanded, making harsh sound with his ring touching the thing which I call dogs plate. Todds and Deebs guitars got together as old friends, dragging along sleepy Vytautas fiddle. There also was Christoffer who’s ended the early morning jam playing with his trombone mouthpiece and slide only. And I totally forgot my phone recording the sound in the pocket.

We waved goodbye and went to sleep. Green nines worked just perfect and we did not think about tomorrow.

Sunday was the day for socializing. It brought a nice surprise for lindy dancers who were at Todd and Ninas class. They had Christoffer, Deeb and Vytautas playing live at their class.

It seemed that closing party came too soon. We danced and talked for hours just switching chairs outside the dance floor. Sadly, the music was not swinging. It felt really WEIRD, cause farewell party must be freaking burning down the place! Luckily I had the most interesting conversation with Luka and laughed listening to Sakarias school days stories. There was the party going on outside and folks started jamming again. Peter Loggins counted about 11 people playing in the festival closing party. We all were so happy and sad at the same time. Just like the sound of St. James Infirmary…

[the last part is coming soon]

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