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Mind-blowing experiences on the road to LSSF (part IV)

Tonight is the begging of HARLEM and the right time to finish the story of love and laughter in Ljubljana. I might get sentimental, because of seeing so many happy people in one place recently. Happiness is sentimental when you let it last...

So we left Sputnik bar at 4pm and we were already late. Late for my work on Tuesdays morning. So we kissed, hugged, packed, changed and ran. We took Mias' suitcase and off we went. Everyone fell asleep when Šlimas and Dangis once again hit the road. They kept a good secret that they actually went the wrong way and we have spend some time in Italy that night. We were in Austria when me and Vytas went to change them. It started pouring as hell so I asked Vytas to tell me everything he knows about the car motor. Fascinated with the complexity of the vehicle I admired the Alps through the wall of rain.

We went on and on and it seemed to me that we were trying to stop the time: most of us were asleep the whole way home. It took 27 hours to get close to reality. (It took another 48 for me to get back to reality. I came back, kissed my mom, hugged my dog and went to the office.) When I was not watching the road ant talking to Vytas I took notes. Being on the road impresses me much. It felt like our zest colored van is a matchbox. It is big enough to carry a hundred thoughts that we had and is small enough to be a matchbox in the worlds' pocket.

A matchbox in the worlds' pocket went through Polish woods. It is amazing how big can its sleeping fire be and how much one little match can change in the world. I imagined how many fates could be changed by two, three or four matches taken together. You may play puzzle with eight little pieces of wood and never get the final answer.

Ant those matches were us with bare feet, wife-beater t-shirts, Zasu caps, dirty clothers, tangled hair, humming stomachs, blue eyelashes and jazz in the ears. I would go on a road trip with all of you a hundred times again.

I bet you are courious to know how did we manage to kidnap Mia Goldsmith? It's all about loving the adventures, if you know what I mean.

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