2012 m. gegužės 15 d., antradienis


I take of my rings and place them next to me on the marble bar as I feel my fingers landing too heavy on the keyboard. Smooth jazz in the background of the old bar. Some do whiskey, some do red wine over their busy night conversations. I wait for tomorrow as I linger between reality and surreality at almost midnight, at the bar in downtown New York. Just right now.

I have had my first day of the experience as movie wardrobe assistant and - let me tell you - that is what I was looking for for many years! We'll see how it goes. Earlier this week I have visited Metropolitan Museum Of Art, NYC. I was hoping to get myself some Alexander McQueen inspiration, but surprisingly I got there on the first day of Schiaparelli and Prada exhibition. Pretty inspiring, I should say. As for a hat making shoe freak, that was a discovery. Crowded though, as NYC itself. That is what you have to deal when you get to be one foot away from world famous masterpieces on the apple of the worlds eye*...

*New York is also known as Big Apple (a dance is also called Big Apple). Talking of which... I really miss dancing and this morning at the starbucks caffee in the morning when they played a familiar swing piece I cried like a baby... Now I'm gonna sleep like a baby and wish tomorrow is not less wonderful as today...

I leave you with a song 'je ne veux pas travailler' that sounds mellow in my ear. Right now, right here.

lots of love, G.

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