2012 m. gegužės 15 d., antradienis

NewYorkers vs Angelinos

It sounds grand and it is quite grand... sometimes even overwhelming. Now when I'm inhabiting this side of the world and get to be as local as it gets I can speak about the huge difference between the life style of the East and West of the US. I stare out of the window with amazement while fire engine is loudly flashing on a side street. New York is older, more sophisticated, smarter, has more style, and is wiser. He has peculiar smell but owns it as an old man owns his trench coat. New York is loud and does not apologize for pushing you to the limits of the persona you think you are. It strips your weaknesses and sharpens your wit. He puts you on a catwalk and helps you disappear, just wish for it. This place never stops and knows it's value without the mirror. It will chew you and spit you out if you'll just stand there and gaze. He will pierce you with gazillion stilleto heels on a damp summer night... New York will give you everything you want - your part is to find the right word to ask for it... LA is different. She has a good taste for popular perfume, she is always late, she doesn't keep her promise, cause it's all about small talk and sexy blink of featherly lashes... I sip cool coffee and look out of the window at this shabby bird. Everyone in LA has a gene of stardom. That's how and why they show up (literally). It's the place where you wear more flip flops than shoes, more dresses than jeans, more smile than serious eyebrows... you just want to slow down and chill, admiring hot beach bodied surfer boys cruising by. You can become one. You can wish for anything but in the end... you stay with what you got, because LA reality makes you feel so self-sufficient.. just make sure you catch all those muses that attack you with the rays of light and rainbowy waves of the Pacific.

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  1. Tai tau NY labiau? Aš kuo toliau, tuo labiau noriu atsipalaiduoti. Tik kartais į kokią mėsmalę papulti.
    Ach, kokia graži tavo anglų kalba...

    1. Reda, žinai, aš per keletą dienų pasiilgau savo raudonos sofos santa monicoj, bet buvau taip pasiilgus šlamšto, triukšmo ir stumdymosi, kad matyt iš pasąmonės išlindo tokie vertinimai. ačiū už klomplimentą :) man tenka daug anglų kalbos girdėti ir vartoti pastaruoju metu.. tai matyt dėl to ir jaučiasi :)

    2. ir labai miela, kad aplankai mano blogą :) smagu